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Packing Supplies

Packing Supplies

Are you looking for packing boxes- special offers from Boris Removals!

packing supplies Nottingham and Derby

Packing supplies Nottingham

Price / Description
£2.5 12x12x12 double wall
£3.5 18x18x18 double wall
£1.5 10x10x10 double wall
£10 TV box up to 40 in TV
£10 Wardrobe box with hanger

Our best offer!

£80 Pack of 10 each size, plus 1 wardrobe, plus 1 TV box, 1 bubble wrap (0.75m wide and 50m long)and packing tape x3 – free delivery!
£13 Bubble wrap 0.75m wide and 50m long.
£1.50 Packing tape (each)

Mattress covers
£6 Single
£7 Double
£8 King size
£9 Super king size

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